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Top/Best Website Builders in India

Do you remember the experience of first cooking? Things might not be perfect. Similarly, Designing a new website and operating it an adequate manner may not be so easy, but it is not hard as well. Facebook page will not work like a website reflect the business purpose.

Try Free Website builders

Are you looking for a free blog or website? Do you know which free web platform you should choose to build? Which website builder is best? Here are your all the answers mentioned with the trusted website builders list and their reviews.  With your free website theme or easy interface, you need to just sign up and create a beautiful & meaningful website without knowledge of any technical coding. These free themes are so easy to be handled by child also. Showcase your own business, make online shopping portal, run a blog site or just acquire a small space on the internet.

How to Start with the website Designing?

Make a checklist of your to-do things, goals, budget and find the best Website Builder or Free Website theme with featured options. If you are willing to sell the products online, an e-commerce website with shipping, payment plug-ins will be your first requirements. If the motive is to write blogs, then CMS based theme with the optimum image, category options will be the first priority. Or else, you may opt for the normal theme with easy to build the facility.

Keep in mind, some website builders are free or affordable with limited features or some may be costly with premium booster plans. Initially, you can start with the free theme; later, paid plans can be bought to invite more opportunities when profits start generating. To start e-commerce portal, one need to buy some premium paid plans to customise the website. Best website builders in India incorporate easy tools & flexibility to let you design your own theme, edit colours, put contents & images. You may choose flexible toolkits & templates to build your own style with help of widgets, plug-ins, WYSIWYG editor.

Note: one can stay on free theme until the end; Website Builder will not enforce to avail paid plans till the scheme changes.

Why do we need a Website?

The website is a true reflection of your activities whether you are offering services, manufacturing products, selling things online, writing blogs or working as a freelancer. There may be very cases which influence the one to create a dynamic website:-

  1. Having brings professional impact upon employees, vendors, shareholders & competitors, rather than a facebook page
  2. Building by own, you can design far better custom website
  3. A Blogger may earn well through ad sense and affiliate marketing
  4. A positive impact on foreign delegates or Clients, while representing the company through the presentation.
  5. More authoritative, attractive and trustworthy web platform
  6. No HTML coding, web hosting services required through online site builders
  7. Pocket-friendly for individuals, startups, sole proprietors,
  8. Higher storage and bandwidth options
  9. Simple drag and drop interfaces with social sharing buttons, photo galleries, blogs, media players
  10. Responsive platform by prestigious website builders like word press
  11. Shopify offers an e-commerce platform to sell the product online and to make money online.
  12. No other investment of website Hosting Services, bandwidth etc.

Limitations of choosing free website builders:-

Choosing free website building options may never be a disappointing option as you will be getting more than you are investing. Having Free Website theme will be narrowing your way to some extent like:-

  • Your domain name will consist the website builder name. (For eg: yourname.websitebuilderdomain.com). If you need a desirous domain name, you will have to go for the premium / paid plans.
  • You can work on the features provided by the website builders only, not beyond the available features.
  • Mobile-friendliness not guaranteed for all the free themes expect of some

Analysis the Website Builders and Get Assistance

The collection refined through us offering detailed reviews, pros & cons of each Website Builder through which you can choose the best out of these website builders in India. The selection criteria will be free themes, operating methods, SEO-friendliness, features, visual editor, CMS, template quality, speed and much more.

Not every technical person is capable of handling the theme independently so Website Holders do offer 24*7 Customer Support, FAQs, E-material, articles, forums, and live chat option.

While going through the mentioned summary and below mentioned website builder collection in India, You will be able to decide promptly, which website building platform you must choose for free or for paid plans as per your requirements & pocket.


(Rated 1421)

Leading website maker, Great responsive templates, Useful App store.


(Rated 1341)

The best website creator, Quality 24/7 support, Grants a domain with registration.


(Rated 1157)

Advanced free plan, Amazing premium templates, Integrated eCommerce solution.


(Rated 1013)

Strong eCommerce solution, Nice POS function, Thousands of templates.


(Rated 937)

Open source code, Both versatile and convenient, Unsuitable for novice users.


(Rated 641)

Great membership features, Lacking critical functions, Above average web creator.


(Rated 507)

Great content management tools and tracking, Learning curve is steep, Not easy for beginners.


(Rated 347)

Outdated and “old” looking, Bad reputation and support.