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Top Best Sexologist in Faridabad - 2024 Updated List

Stop feeling shy rather share your personal disease to your doctor or the one whom you trusts a lot. If you are suffering from sexual health problems and not able to find a way to cure, stop searching here & there, Follow the list of top 10 best Sexologist in Faridabad and get the right treatment online offline. This list is the sum up of Online presence, Physical availability, and Online Reputation Management.

Gautam Clinic Pvt. Ltd.
Shop No-2,2nd Floor, Saluja Comlex,Near TCS Automoble, Neelam Chowk (Faridabad)
Treatment: Premature Ejaculation Treatment, Night Discharge Treatment, Male Enhancement Treatment, Impotence Treatment, Lack of Sex Desire Treatment, Penis Enlargement Treatment,
Arora Clinic Faridabad
24, Friends Colony, Ballabhgarh Faridabad,, Faridabad, Haryana – 121004, India
Treatment:Male Enhancement Treatment, Impotence Treatment, Lack of Sex Desire Treatment, Penis Enlargement Treatment, Premature Ejaculation Treatment, Night Discharge Treatment

Archived Listing

1. Dr. Inderjeet Gautam: Feeling shy can never be a good option when it comes to sexual problems. Gautam clinic is successfully led by Dr. Inderjeet Gautam who is the top sexologists in Faridabad with having another clinic in Delhi. The doctor is dealing with the make and females sexual problems. He identifies the root cause by arranging personalized session. Accordingly, he provides the therapy, counseling, consultation and medicinal treatment. Till date, he has served more than 50000 patients successfully. The clinic is equipped with modern equipment and latest medical kits which have no side effects. Apart from the allopathy treatment, the doctor believes in catering the patients with ‘Ayurveda’ which is 100% risk-free.

Being having the specialized team of experts, Gautam clinic rendering proven services related male sexual problems, females sexual health, infertility treatment, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, pencil implants, circumcision, penile implants, skin problems, thyroid, diabetic, weight gain and loss etc. The doctor believes that health problems are related to each other so he examines in depth and assists accordingly.

2. Dr. Chandra Bhan is an experienced doctor and sexologist in Faridabad and working in Gautam clinic Pvt Ltd. This clinic is owned and run by famous doctor Dr. Inderjeet Gautam. He is qualified as BHMS and well known as a homeopathic doctor. He is having more than 2 years of working experience. He believes in providing optimal health care and treats the patient as family members. On a regular basis, he works with Gautam clinic Pvt Ltd and attached with the lybrate to offer online consultation on the private basis. The fee is quite less and every middle and the low class person can afford him. To offer the best of the services, he has made a great research over the mast. As a doctor, he is treating for the male and females related problems like erectile dysfunction, pen.. enlargement treatment, pre- marital counseling, vasectomy surgery. Getting an appointment with this doctor is easy and it will simply your health related issues.

3. Sudhanshu Pandey: If you are looking for an experienced sexologist in Faridabad, then your search might end here. Yes, Dr. Sudhanshu Pandey is qualified as BAMS and having 10 years of working experience. As far as his services concern, he is delivering his valuable services to treat the male and females with the sexual related problems. Presently, he is working as under Gautam clinic Pvt Ltd and handling his Delhi & Faridabad center. He is specialized in Ayurveda so no side effects can be found with his medicine. If any one of you suffering from the circumcision, erectile dysfunction and other sexual problem, he will guide you after analyzing your medical history. He believes that lifestyle decides the health-related parameters so he usually focuses on offering proper diet with the prescribed medicine.

4. Shiv clinic: It is known as the best sexual health clinic in Faridabad which is treating the patient suffering from sexual illness and weak immune system. No marriage is based without healthy sexual life so they are offering treatment for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, nightfall, spermatorrhea, lack of enjoyment during intercourse etc. While doing so, they are strengthening the relationship between husband and wife. Being having the various centers in Delhi/ NCR, this clinic has won the trust of many people. With this treatment, many people or couples get benefited with the healthy sexual life. This clinic is facilitated with the modern instruments which offer productive life and self-confidence. To maintain the security and privacy of the patients, they never share their personal information without their permission. This clinic relies on the Ayurvedic treatment to bring out the best. Apart from the above-mentioned disease, this clinic also treating for the pen.. size, excessive mast., loss of libido, dryness of valine during intercourse, sexual depression, sexual apathy weight lose & gain, alcohol related issues. So meet him and ask for the valuable consultation to get disease free health.

5. Dr. Ashish Khandelwal: Dr. Ashish Khandelwal is an experienced psychiatrist & sexologist in Faridabad who has served numerous patients till date. He believes in offering ethical treatment to every guy. He is an MBBS, MD-Psychiatry and he believes that one’s sexual health is connected with the state of mind. So he counsels the patient first before offering any treatment. He is having more than 9 years of experience and practicing at Sukoon neuropsychiatry Clinic in Ajronda Chowk, although he may be approached online through His services include Anger Management, De-Addiction, Abnormal, Unusual, Strange Behavior, Violent behavior, Drug Abuse & DeAddiction Therapy, Alcohol De-addiction Treatment, Anxiety Disorders Treatment, Depression Treatment, learning disorders, OCD treatment, epilepsy treatment. Apart from this mental health related issues, the doctor is being famous for treating males and females with sex-related issues which are derived through stress and improper diets. One may consult this doctor offline at his clinic and online through phone, video or messages. If no health is there, one cannot survive for a happy life so consult with the doctor immediately whenever you find any symptom of any health related disease.

6. Amar Clinic: Amar clinic sexologist in faridabad Professionally managed Amar clinic is famous for rendering Ayurvedic medical treatments for various diseases like piles, male and female sexual problems, infertility, premature ejaculation, nightfall, mast., semen, pen.. enlargement, azoospermia, leucorrhoea, breast treatment, menstrual, hair, liver, skin, weight related etc. The doctor aimed to deliver affordable services through the combination of counseling, therapy, Ayurvedic medicine, surgery and modernized techniques.

The clinic believes that no problem is incurable so it caters the patient with the natural therapy and modern surgery like phalloplasty, penile implant, vaginoplasty, hymenoplasty. Having sexual weakness may ruin the relations, self-confidence, self-esteem so drastically so better to consult with the expert at an initial stage.

7. Chetan Clinic: chetan clinic sexologist in faridabadChetan Clinic is an ISO certified sexologist and sexual health clinic in Faridabad which is famous for delivering online sex-related consultant to all over India. His main focus is male’s sexual health issue at a national and international level, although this clinic has worked for women sexual problem & health related issues since 1995. With having advanced machinery & ayurvedic medicines, it is being able to open its own GMP certified pharmacy by using unique composition of herbs. People engaged in watching pornography and nude movies which imbalanced their minds. Lack of extreme sexual desire may make them alcoholic so doctor read the mind of the patient and treat accordingly. Only medicine will not be effective without right counseling session. It has its own magazine by the name of “Chetan Anmol Sukh” which aware the people of general health issues. Its extensive treatment includes premature ejaculation, mast., pen.. enlargement, erectile dysfunction, male & female fertility, mast., nightfall, weight gain and weight loss.

8. Bhojpuri Dawakhana: bhojpuri dawakhana sexologist in faridabad No treatment is effective without proper analysis. This Dawakhana is famous for its desi treatment. It has its own experienced skilled & medical practitioners who are offering best ever treatment for natural pen.. enlargement, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, mast., nightfall, infertility. One should never feel shy while consulting with any sexual doctor in Faridabad. Its counseling session is comprehensive which may regain lost self-confidence. Friendly behavior of our staff will make the patient more comfortable and he can discuss his issues in a frank manner. It is never too late so better to go to the doctor when you get the time to have treatment. Sexual problems may ruin the marriage relationship. So do not let this curable problem spoil your health issues.

9. Dr. B K Kushwah: DR. B K Kushwah sexologist in faridabadHe is a certified Sexologist in Faridabad with more than 15 years of working experience. He is an MD in acupuncture and bachelor in Homeopathic medicine & surgery. His contribution towards sex-related services includes erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lack of desire, infertility, and reproductive stamina. Due to his effective services, he got too many positive reviews. He believes, if your marriage life is suffering, only weak sexual life is the main reason. People may also contact him for pre-marital counseling to know more about healthy sexual life. Consult him offline or online for early recovery of disease.

10. Dr. Sheikh: With having extensive experience of more than 26 years, he is known as reliable sexologist in Palwal, Faridabad. He is an MD-TCM & GAMS- Ayurveda and treating for all kind of sexual problems. His consultation charges are quite minimal and one contact him offline & Online.He had made a huge research over the marriage relations so he is able to offer better advice to strengthen the sexual relation after marriage. He is also a professional member of Akhil Bharatiya Yog & Prakartik Chikitsa Parishad. He has been awarded gold a medal in 1998 and chikitsa rattan prize in 2005. He has been dealing with the countless of problems like piles, gastrointestinal disorders, erectile dysfunction, pre-marital counseling, vasectomy, male & females sexual issues & infertility. His effective services ensure for better and positive results.

It is always advisable not to shy while discussing the sex-related issue as it may be related to other problems. So consulting with a good doctor will regain your self-confidence and bring harmony in your life.