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Top 10 Pre/Play Schools in Gurgaon 2019

Pre & Play School plays a very important role in our kid’s life. As in today’s world, the family becomes nuclear and working parents need a safe place for their children where they can feel secure and comfortable. Pre-school is the second home to the child where he first interacts with other persons like teachers and fellow students. Where he learns to communicate and behave well. It is the right place for children’s foundation for the life-long process.

Here we talk about the Top 10 Pre- Playschools of Gurgaon:

  1. Maple Bear Canadian Pre-School
  2. Early learning village
  3. Amiown
  4. Idiscoveri Preschool
  5. Angel’s villa Daycare
  6. Petals Preschool
  7. Camp-Giraffe Playschool
  8. Sswings
  9. Footprints
  10. KLAY preschool and daycare

1. Maple Bear Canadian Pre-School

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Maple Bear is the best Canadian early childhood preschool which was created and designed by the Canadian experts. Maple bear in India is part of the Modi Group, which was founded by Mr. Rai Bhadur Gujarmal Modi. There are currently 57 Maple Bear preschool in throughout India and steadily expanding more.

The school provides extensive training to the teachers so that school can make their quality standards. School always focus on new techniques and methods and upgraded their methodologies time to time.

The minimum age for admission in this school is 18 months. There are many programs offer for the kids of 18 months to 8 years children. The school offers the innovative method of teaching keeping in mind all aspects of the development of the child. School curriculum includes the initial subjects’ knowledge, physical activities which include indoor and outdoor games, creative activities like drawing, coloring etc, personal and social awareness etc.

Address: C- 44/A Old DLF Colony, Sector 14, Gurgaon – 122001, Haryana

2. Early learning village

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Ms. Priya Dhawan is the founder director of ELV. The school is inspired by the best global practices in early childhood education. The school empowered the child to develop these 8 skills named inquiry, adaptability, resilience, morality, communication, thoughtfulness, cooperation, respect.

School follows the International Early year curriculum which is based on the international best practices in early childhood education. It includes the skills in language, mathematics, science &creativity.

The school provides two kinds of programs, first is adult and child programs which are for toddlers (18 months to 24 months). In this program parents and child can fun together and engage in many activities together. And the second program is early year’s program which is for the child of above 2 years.

Address: Early Learning Village, E-Block, Behind Shalom Hills International School, Sushant Lok Phase-1, Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

3. Amiown

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Amiown is a part of amity group which was founded in 2005. There are many Amiown schools in all over India and more branches will be coming up in future. Its curriculum is based on children diverse needs. That’s why school has started different programs for different age group.

This school is considered the best preschool by many parents. The minimum age for admission in this school is 9 months. Different programs are such that Amicots for 9 months to 15 months. Under Amicots children are provided with secure, warm, safe and attractive environment where child can response well. Second program is for 15 months to 24 months named Amitots where children and parents can be together under one roof and develop skills by play way method, creativity and many other techniques. Third program named pre-nursery for 2 and above year’s child, next is Nursery for 3& above years child and kindergarten is for 4 & above years children Amicasa program is for day care children where they can learn even after school hours.

This school comes with innovative ideas, different curriculum, and best early care methodologies. The mission of the school is to inspire every child to realize his true potential.

Address: Sector 49, Gurgaon, Vatika Business Park, Ground Floor, Block 1 Sohna Road, Gurgaon- 122018

4. Idiscoveri Preschool

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first IDISCOVERi School in India was started by Mrs. Shalini Gauba who has more than 20 years of experience. This school was started on 7th July 2007. This school is now powered by XSEED.

The school has three side open plot of 1027 sq. yards with three floors and ground area on three sides makes it beautiful and green school. The school has its own playroom, inbuilt kitchen, dance room, music room, theatre, activity room, sand pit, vermicompost pit, play gym, kitchen garden, bike path, London Bridge, restroom, play areas, garden and day care.

The curriculum of the school is based on western and eastern education philosophy. it integrates children’s physical, social, intellectual, social & emotional needs.

Address: IDISCOVERI PRESCHOOL SECTOR 46 Nursery School Site, Near Plot Number 1393 SECTOR 46, GURGAON- 122 002

5. Angel's villa Daycare

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This is one of the best pre-school and it is spread around the lush green campus of 2000 sq yds. Most interesting thing about the school is its video monitoring facility through which parents can catch their children’s activities every time while sitting at home.

The school has the fully air-conditioned campus. The aim of the school is to provide the children right environment where they can gather skills of trust, love, self-motivation, confidence etc. The school is equipped with huge facilities like kids zone , a room with mirrors on walls filled with colourful ball, swings, bouncy Mickey’s where kids enjoying so much. Bal Vatika (stage) where kids do their performance. Reading garden and intellectual centre where kids increase their knowledge by watching flash cards, solving puzzles and using tools like hammer set. Audio visual room which helps the children to learn through watching & listening. A big green garden where kids can play, run, do aerobics, yoga etc. splash pool where children do much enjoy in summer.

Address: Angel’s Villa School Nursery School Site – 3103, Lane No. V-39, DLF Phase – III, Gurgaon

6. Petals Preschool

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Petals pre- school is founded by Mrs. Preeti kwatra. The school has many facilities for kids like music & dance room, auditorium, ballroom, play garden, arts & crafts studio, library and tall tales room, computer lab, electric room, horse walk, splash pool etc.

The classrooms are full of colours & teaching aids and fully air conditioned. The school believes that children best learn through play. So they adopt the play way method to teach the students well. The school is divided into groups, first is play group for 18 month to 24 months children. Second is pre-nursery for 2-3 years aged children, then nursery for 3-4 years and last is kindergarten for 4-5 years children. The school is equipped with live CCTV cameras. The vision of the school to provide learning environment where children can inspires to be creative leaders of tomorrow.

Address: Petals Pre-School 1327 Sector 43, Gurgaon

7. Camp-Giraffe Playschool

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Camp-giraffe play school located in a lush green area. The school has a multi-storied building with good infrastructure. The school has big air conditioned classrooms, music & art room, audio-visual room, computer lab, indoor and outdoor game spaces, ball pool, kitchen, and swings. The student teacher ratio is 10:1 for each classroom.

The school follows the philosophy of ‘Learning by doing’. The school believes that children learn by their own activities. The school emphasized on the children’s language skills, motor skills, mathematical skills, social skills etc.

Address: Camp Giraffe Preschool Behind Tower-8, Sushant Estate, Near Ardee City, Sector 52 Gurgaon

8. Sswings

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Sswings is a play cum pre-cum day care school which is promoted by V.K. education society. It provides a caring, secure, safe and nurturing environment for the children where they can learn and develop essential skills for long-term success in their life.

Sswings’ day care is a holistic caring and learning age appropriate program. The main focus is on the healthy development of children’s social, intellectual, emotional and behavioral skill. The school build self-learners; the school’s motto is Explore, Express, and Excel Together.

Address: W-10 A, DLF City, Phase III, Gurgaon – 122002

9. Footprints

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It is the best preschool and day care in Gurgaon. It has their own branches in Delhi, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad and much more upcoming in future.

The school provides huge modern facilities like live CCTV cameras and mobile updates through parents can watch their children’s live activities and know what the children learned through an instant mobile app. The minimum age for admission is 9 months. The school provides 100% nutritious food to the children. The school provides the children with the rich environment which allows them to think, act and react.

Address: U-26/3114, Opp White Town Houses, DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon

10. KLAY preschool and daycare

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This is one of the largest play schools and day care center of Gurgaon which was spread over 10000 sq. ft. area. The minimum age of admission in this school is 6 months.

The school provides many programs like infant care in which 6 to 15-month children involved in many activities and students cum nurses ratio is 3:1. Toddlers groups are also divided into two group’s junior toddler (15 months onwards) and senior toddlers (2yrs onwards). Full day care program includes 6 months to 10 yrs child. Other is kindergarten group which is divided into three groups prekindergarten, kindergarten1 and kindergarten 2. Klay has many centers in all over India. The school learning philosophy is based on multiple intelligence and experimental learning.

Address NS-08, B Block, South City 2, Opposite Ava Court (Next to Park Hospital), Sohna Road, Gurgaon-122018, Haryana.

Play School is much more than a day or a school only. Working parents are more facilitated with such premises as they can leave their child while trusting the teachers. They believe that the mentors or teachers will mold their future and will give their kids a healthy direction through creative activities. Above mentioned plays schools are the best play schools and day care in Gurgaon with modern amenities and amazing infrastructure. These play schools are highlighting the positive sides of the kids and helping the kids to nourish their interest through continuous learning and effective teaching methodology. Let’s admit your kids to the reputed day care in Gurgaon and help them out to show their internal skills.

These daycares not only provides education and creative skills but also offers other amenities like doctor on call, diet charts, extended hours to facilitate working parents and much more. Apart from the above-mentioned pre-schools and day Cares, Top 10 company will help out to showcase other schools in Gurgaon which do play the significant role to nurture the kid’s hidden skills.