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Top 10 Best Dieticians Nutritionists in Gurgaon

Is it wise to make the experiment upon your body without consulting with anyone? Never, All the human bodies are not alike so it is always mandatory to go for the medical checkup first and then seek for the professional advice. Only Diet Professionals or Nutritionists can refer the Best Supplements and Food charts which will affect your body positively. Whether you are having excess body weight or suffering from extra thinness, just go for the Professional Diet consultants in Gurgaon. If you are residing in Gurgaon, here is an optimum and refined list of Best Dietician in Gurgaon:-

1. Dr.Shilpa Arora:

A young personality who has stolen the hearts of many customers through her beautiful body physic. Yes, she herself is a live example of her healthy diets plan and nutrition. No surgery, cosmetics or fad diets work to make you beautiful, only healthy diets and comprehensive lifestyle make you eligible for a heart stealing personality. Shilpa Arora is a founder of “Lean for Life” which offers complete plans pertaining to diet, nutrition and lifestyle factors. She has made researched on how to maintain the health and wellness through natural ways. She got inspired by the visit to Australia where she learnt that eating habits impact the skin appearance. She went through the comprehensive study and research on preventive medicines. She was introduced to macrobiotics health coach where she found the interlinking between the healthy skin and body health. She worked with many of the hospitals, institutions, education science sectors and private consultations to grow her knowledge in nutrition sector and become a successful nutritionist In Gurgaon.It is her efforts and research which made her a popular personality as a Nutritionist. She is giving more emphasis on natural resources of foods and showing how one can get beautiful skin along with the healthy lifestyle. Maintaining your personality will make you popular among the huge audience.

Address: J-13/1, DLF City 2, Gurugram, Haryana – 122002

Phone: +91-9953435000



2. Dt. Priyatama Srivastava (Nutritionist & Dietician):

Go Moringa is a weight loss diet clinic that takes an innovative approach on health & fitness and offers an interesting way to safely n scientifically reduce weight and change your life! We’re here to motivate and educate you on how to create negative calorie balance and keep it off while maintaining an improved lifestyle. We are serving scientific way to provide weight loss, weight gain & figure correction services according to medical manner & procedure, along with also solving all health related diseases such as like PCOD,PCOS,HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE,GOUT PROBEM ,URIC ACID,DIABETES, OSTEOPOROSIS,SLEEP APNEA ,THYROID etc. it makes weight loss journey quit interesting to provide low cal quick recipes (with Nutritional facts) to fulfill clients test buds needs.

Address: Unitech Arcadia market, C-109 south city-II, sector -49 Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Phone: 09910922899



3. Dr Deepti Tiwari:

With more than 13 years of experience in the area of therapeutic and clinical nutrition, she has been looking for the Anti- obesity diet, hypocholesterolemic diet, renal diets, Lactose and gluten free diet, Enteral feed formulas transplants(liver renal). She was previously associated with the Nestle & PepsiCo, Delhi diabetic research centre in wellness programs and Diabetics workshops respectively. Being efficient on diet plans, she spoke so many times about the work pressure, stress management and healthy living. Due to her continuous efforts, she is a lifetime member of IDA (Indian Dietetics Association). If we talk about her study, she has completed her graduation from Lucknow University, PG Diploma from IHM, Pusa and MBA from IMT Ghaziabad. Currently, she is working with the WHospital Gurgaon. Before this, she has worked as the team leader in “Artemis Healthcare” for 8 years. Patients get inspired with her soft and humble nature. People may contact her visiting at the hospital or at her house.

Address: I-67, first floor south city-2 Gurgaon, Haryana India


4. Dr Archana Batra:

Dr Archana Batra is a multi-talented doctor based in Gurgaon and heading her own clinic by the name of Physioway Clinic. She has been delivering her valuable duties as Weight loss dietician, physiotherapist, nutritionist, diabetes educator. With more than 7 years of working experience in the same domain, she is now well known as lifestyle & diet consultant in Gurgaon. As far as her qualification considered, she has complete her BPT, DNHE, PGCDE, and Certificate in Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. After successful completion of her qualification, she has worked with Medanta as Obesity/diabetes educator and Sitaram Bhartia institute of Science & technology. It is her belief that a healthy lifestyle or fooding habits will eventually grow their life cycle. Patients get recovered very soon through her effective treatments.Being the best online weight loss dietician & Nutritionist in Gurgaon, she has offered the clients with the long-term results towards weight loss, weight gain, diabetes, tummy reduce, cholesterol, obesity, PCOD, PCOD, Pregnancy through online diet consultancy, personalised treatment, physiotherapy etc. You may register the website online or may get in touch with her through phone or email.



Phone: 9971886474

Address: Block C2, House No 97, Sushant Lok-1, Gurgaon-122002

5. Ms Shubi Husain:

With the combination of Indian and International research, she has been able to serve the whole nation with the innovative ideas and medicinal techniques. She is a renowned nutritionist, lifestyle celebrity, entrepreneur, fitness expert. She has completed her graduation in Food & Nutrition and post Graduation in Dietetics & Nutrition from Lady Irvin College, Delhi. She has made huge research on Obesity management to tackle the excess fat problems. With more than 20 years of practice, she has built her own concepts successfully implementing on the online diets and nutrition. She has written many of the articles on print media and offering consultancy as an expert nutritionist. She also conducts ethical food & nutrition related validations and endorsements. Shubi has been offering her valuable advice to Politicians, selected Hollywood & Bollywood personalities on regular basis.If we talk about her achievement, the column may not be having sufficient space of her contributions. She has been awarded for “female entrepreneur of the year Stevie Award” at New York, USA. She also holds the coveted “Indian Achievers Award’ for outstanding entrepreneurship and achievements in Business – Yr 2014 by the Indian Achievers Forum. Ms Husain’s Health Sanctuary was also awarded the “Brand Achievers Award” as the Most Preferred Slimming Clinics in Delhi & NCR 2015. One can seek for her customised online diet programs so one may contact her for Diet plants, lifestyle consultancy, and weight management programs at moderate prices. Effective results are guaranteed.


6. Ms Sheela Sehrawat:

Ms Sheela has started her organisation in 2006 with the team of professionally organised dieticians at her diet clinic. Through her true and continuous efforts, she has been successfully running her “Diet Clinic” at different centre in India. Her online motive is to lose excess weight or to regain weight with the combination of the scientific and therapeutic approach of diet plans. The diet plan being offered by us value the taste of the mouth and we do bound the clients to have boring food all the time. The other name of life is fun & enjoy so maintain your weight and healthy lifestyle through enjoying food, not neglecting the same. Ms Sheela works on the different niche like Gym, personal, Corporate, Bollywood, lifestyle, Therapeutic, diabetes, weight loss, weight gain, hypertension, detox, teenage diets.Not only are the females, males also worrying about their body physic which can be improved through effective counselling session and regular fitness exercise. People are facing problems due to the busy schedule, so do not let hinder your activities to your health. Let’s ask for the appointment with the anti-ageing specialist, weight loss & wellness specialist in Gurgaon who has been honoured with many of the awards like “Best dietician in Gurgaon” and “Best Slimming centre in Chandigarh”. Her main objective is to offer balanced diet filled with vital nutrients, minerals vitamins which can maintain body cells, tissue and organs. With the spreading and growing centres all across India, one can seek for the personalised and customised treatment apart from the online consultation. She does not prescribe supplements or medicines, instead, she focuses on healthy diets. Contact Sheela and adopt the optimum healthy diet plans for healthy lifestyle

Address: B-758, B-Block, Sushant Lok I, Gurgaon

Phone: 8826260707, 8800880715, 9310289828



7. Dr Lokendra Tomar:

Dr Tomar is the great personality who is effectively rendering his health-related services in different domains. He has founded his own clinic by the name of ‘Royalway Weight Loss Clinic”. Dr Tomar has served the nation as Pharmacist, Dietician/Dietitians, Naturopath, Author and entrepreneur through his creative and innovative vision. His motive is to make the India disease free. If we talk about his achievement, the page will not be sufficient. He has completed hi B.pharma in 2001 from RGVHS, Bangalore. After that, he worked for the Pharmaceutical Company as the marketing person. In 2004, he started his own pharmaceutical company. He was fond of reading books. When his wife delivered a baby and tried to lose weight, he read the methods of reducing weight through Gym, aerobics, a mechanical vibrator, food facts etc. He treated his own wife and lose her 10 Kg weight in 2 months with the help of proper nutrition. He then started giving consultation to his relatives, friends, and neighbours which proved successful.After 3-4 years of comprehensive study, he found his own diet program in 2010. Initially, he targeted Gym, later on, Doctors, Physicians, Cardiologist, Diabetologist, Orthopaedician, and Gynecologist. Everyone appreciated his efforts. All this happen due to his intensive research and successful implementation. He even arranged for too many seminars and corporate events to educate and aware the people about weight management and healthy lifestyle.

Address: Royalway Weight Loss Clinic, K-1205, AWHO Complex, Sispal Vihar, Sector-49, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, (Haryana)



Phone: +91- 9310585862, 9310585859

8. Dr Deepika’s Wellness:

Dr Deepika has been offering diet related consultancy since 2006 successfully. She has specialisation in Ayurveda with the qualified degree of MS from MDU and PPHC (preventive and promotive health care) from Apollo Hospital. Dr Deepika has been dealing with the clients over weight loss, weight gain, cholesterol management, Diabetes management, IBS, High blood pressure, pregnancy, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and much more. The clinic comprising highly professional doctors, Ayurveda specialist, trained therapist and experienced nutritionist accompanying the supporting staff. This diet clinic in Gurgaon has served more than thousands of people through mix up of Ayurveda and nutrition. After practising for more than 12 years, she has been successfully rendering her services as a director of the chain of wellness clinics and Life century. She even wrote many articles in newspapers and magazines on food and health habits, a book on arthritis and spoke about diet, wellness, health, weight in many of the workshops. Along with the Diet charts, she has been offering treatment through medicines, therapies and some domestic home based tips. She believes, healthy diet following regular fitness exercise will keep the mind fresh and body fit & Fine. Individual seeking for the long term guidance may contact Dr Deepika for effective results.

Address: 133 Sector 27, Galleria Road Gurgaon.

Phone: +91 124 2385270, Mob: +91 98109 25457



Dietician/ dietitian can offer you best of their resources in the form of diet plans but its is the duty of the customers or the patients to follow the same strictly. Make yourself healthy to make the India Developed. The above-mentioned list is a refined list based on the reviews of the patients which can be modified later on to serve you better.


✅ What does a nutritionist/ Dietitian do?

A dietician/nutritionist is a specialist who is trained to plan your meal depending on your age, weight, health and nutritional requirements. He/she can guide you about eating the right food at the right time.

✅ What is the difference between a Dietician and Nutritionist?

A nutritionist that gets registered with Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) after qualifying a national level exam may legally declare themselves as dietitians or more precisely, registered dietitians (RDs).

✅ Who is the best dietitian in Gurgaon, NCR?

Shilpa Arora is one of the famous diet consultants for PCOS/PCOD, healthy heart, diabetes, thyroid, skin & hair program.