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SEO Craft – Digital Marketing Agency
Cabin no 2, Unit no.: 761, JMD Megapolis, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, Haryana- India – 122018
Services: Google Promotion, Facebook Promotion, Search Engine Optimization, On Page/Off Page Optimization, Google Webmaster & Analytics, Content Management System, Internal Link Structure, Organic SEO Methodology, SEO Content Writing Services

SEO Craft is well organized company in India aims to provide complete package of Internet Marketing Management. Web world has given us more and more opportunities to explore that we do not have sufficient time to explore the web world. Our searches restricted upon our thinking level but Internet works much far beyond our thinking and we can get thousands of answer of our every question.

seo tech experts
SEO Tech Experts
761, 7th Floor, JMD Megapolis, Sohna Road, Gurgaon – Haryana – 122018
Services: Google 10 google Ranking, Content writing Marketing, Facebook Organic and Paid Promotion, Google Business Listing, Google Promotion, Facebook Promotion, Pay Per Click, On Page SEO, Social Media Optimization

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seo company gurgaon
SEO Company
JMD Megapolis Gurgaon
Services: SEO/SMO/SEM/ORM Services | SEO Friendly Website Designing, Development, Google Promotion, Facebook Promotion,

Better Way to Promote your business with DM Guru- Unique Platform for Digital Marketing Services SEO Services SMO Services SEM Services, PPC Services ORM Services

Ethical SEO
Sector 48 Gurgaon
Services: SEO Friendly Web Hosting | PPC/Adwords | Responsive Web Design | Content Writing Services | Google Promotion, Facebook Promotion,

Get Connected With Best Online Promotion Company – Accept only trust digital marketing services clubbed with SEO, SMO, PPC, ORM, Content Marketing, Press Release, Brand promotion

Best SEO Company in India

: If you want that your target audience should find your website through Google, then you need to know the basics of SEO. Under this guide, you can learn everything about SEO.

SEO basics

Search engine optimization is a process used to optimise the technical configuration of your website content relevance and link popularity so the pages can become findable and easily more relevant and prominent towards the user search queries. Due to this, search engines can rank them better. Search engines recommend SEO efforts that benefit the user search experience and the page ranking by featuring content that fulfils the user search requirements.

It includes using relevant keywords in meta titles and meta descriptions and featuring descriptive URLs with keywords instead of strings of numbers to specify the content meaning of that page. Search engines are here to help people find what they are looking for through online searches.

Importance of SEO

Rankings and visibility

One of the essential elements of SEO is increasing visibility, which makes it easy for your potential target audience to find out when they look for something that you are offering. Ranking and visibility go hand in hand. The higher you rank on the search engine result page, the more likely your potential target audience will see you and click through to your website, which is one of the essential parts of enhancing the organic page ranking.

Enhanced web traffic

It is one of the significant goals of SEO, and you increase the traffic when you increase the visibility or rankings. Consider the moment when you are number one on Google search, which gets 32% of the clicks, and you can now move to one spot in the search engine result page can increase the car by at least 30.8%. A featured snippet is one of the golden grails for several marketers' position as zero because it appears first above any URL. The content taken from the blog's landing page will usually answer all the queries people are looking for and can give the organic click-through a considerable boost.


Page authority is essential to search engines and is also becoming important to web users. Authority means that our website is entirely trustworthy and high quality and has some relevant content. Scores that range from one to 100 show page authority. It means the more number you get, the higher will be your page authority. You can find your page authority by using some tools like Moz.

Factors to consider while choosing the best SEO agency

Do your research well and compare different SEO agencies and read review

It would be best if you did some research whenever you are looking for an SEO company to grow your business online. You have to compare different SEO companies and read past clients' reviews to get the company’s sensitivity and how they operate. This will help you find a reputable company you can trust to build your business. Several reputable SEO agencies will help you through the industry as they have a team of experienced experts who will help you achieve your business objectives.

Ask for some references from other businesses that have used your SEO services

While looking for an SEO agency, it is helpful for you to check for reviews from other companies that have used the services. It will help you get a perfect idea of the quality of work the agency will provide you. You can also ask for references from past clients to get excellent feedback about how the company deals with the clients. You can also check their communication level and tone with the company.

Set your objectives clearly for what you want to achieve with search engine optimization and ensure that the company understands the same.

While looking for an SEO company, you must explain your objectives clearly to that company, and the experts there should also understand your terms and conditions. They must be able to provide you with a complete plan of action that would help you accomplish your objectives. A reliable company would be upfront about the cost and the services and straightforward in answering all your queries.

Ensure that the SEO agency has an excellent track record of results and ask them for case studies or examples of work they have done.

While choosing a reliable SEO company, you must ensure that they have an excellent track record. You have to ask for case studies or examples of what they have done in the past to get an idea of the results they could achieve. It is possible if you are looking to outsource the SEO names, but it is something you should take into account. Getting a reference from trusted sources like friends and family members who have used the agency in the past will allow you to get an idea if the agency is successful or not.

Hence this is all you need to know about hiring an SEO agency.

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